Juliana Nava

May 10

Dad + Camping = Negative!

A few of my friends are going camping this summer, and I must say that I am pretty jealous. I have never been camping before. The last time I went “camping” I stayed in a cabin the whole time there (so that didn’t really count).

I’ve always wanted to go, stay in a tent, and really rough it out. That has always been something I’ve wanted to experience. The only thing holding me back is…my dad.

My dad isn’t really the type that likes to go out. He is more of a stay at home type of person. I’ll admit that I am the same way, but I do like to go out and experience new things; especially when it comes to camping.

Whenever I mention the idea of going camping, my dad likes to brush it off. I’ve never understood why my dad doesn’t want to go camping. I always figured it was just laziness until I remembered one…little…detail. I remembered my dad’s fear of lizards.

My dad has a phobia of lizards. As a little boy growing up in Mexico, he always messed around with them. But all of that changed until one day he had a bad experience with one that left him terrified.

Growing up we always thought it would be fun to mess with him. We would grab lizards and place them in front of his face. It was pretty funny watching him jump and get scared, but now we just kill them for him if they get in the way of his yard work.

So when it comes to camping, he explained that he’s scared he will find lizards inside the tents, or even around the campsite. I can understand my dad’s fear, because my phobia happens to be of snakes. If I were to go camping and there was a possibility that snakes might show up, I would freak out too.

But it would be nice to go and a real camping experience with my family one day, especially with my dad. 

May 05

Saislas: Field Assignment -


My field assignment was about enrollment for public and private elementary schools. I talked to two parents and two faculty members.

The assignment was interesting because honestly I thought it was going to be boring. The two parents that I spoke to were very nice and answered all the questions I…

I think this is pretty cool, because you were able to obtain insight from both school enviornments. And I do have to say that I also agree that one must choose a topic they enjoy, because then it won’t be any fun for the person. It is inportant to choose topics one loves, because it will be a motivator to write a good story.

May 03

Field Assignment #1

For my field assignment, I decided to write mine on graduation. I wanted to get an insight on the thoughts and feelings of graduating students. I wanted to know how they felt about graduating and having to leave Cal poly behind. I wanted to hear about some of their fondest memories at Cal Poly.

Another insight I wanted to know was how students felt about going into the real world and looking for a “big kid” job. I could only imagine that it is an exciting but scary feeling. Exciting because they are going for their dream jobs, but scary because it is something new.

I asked seniors about what their dream job are, and they responded by saying that they their dream job would be doing something that they love. I felt that response was accurate, because I do believe that it is important for everyone to do something that they love and feel passionate about.

This assignment was fun for me, because it was something I was interested in and I had the opportunity to discuss with students about their thoughts on graduating and how they see the future going.

To be able to speak to students was a difficult task because of conflicting and busy schedules, but I was able to make time to speak to them and get my questions answered. All in all, the process was fun and I enjoyed speaking to students about their thoughts and feelings about graduating.

I enjoyed hearing the responses, they were all unique and different and insightful to know what students are thinking and feeling as graduation comes near. Graduation is near, and emotions are on high of excitement and nerves. But this is a natural feeling, because students are going to be stepping into the phase of their lives.


Apr 26

The Pursuit of Happiness: FOOOOOOOD... -

I have been to the Claremont Village, and I love it there! I have yet gone to the Back Abbey, but I have heard some amazing things about it and I do plan on going sometime soon. Just this month I went to The Press for a small dinner for my cousin’s birthday, and I do have to say it was nice. The food was a little pricey, but overall it was all good. The environment was fun, and a lot of Claremont college students go there to hang out and have some drinks and fun. 


For this weeks blog I wanted to talk about food! I find food to be one of the most relatable conversation topics when you first meet someone and are in the process of getting to know them. Let’s be real, everyone loves food…

I used to work in the Claremont Village. For those of you who have…

Rain, rain, please don’t go away!

Going to bed last night I could hear the rain falling against my window. It was soothing and little by little my eyes drifted off to sleep.

As a little girl I always loved having rainy day weather. It was always that time to grab a stack of blankets and curl up on the couch with a warm cup of cocoa while watching the rain fall. This was always the routine in my house.

Every time it was a rainy day, my sister and I would run grab all our blankets and pile them onto the floor. We would go under the blankets with our parents and cuddle until we all fell asleep to the sound of the rain falling.

On days when there was thunder and lightning it would be much more fun. With our blankets we would build a fort in the living room and sit and marvel at the sound and sight of the thunder and lightning. This was always exciting for me as a little girl.

The rain is beautiful to me, it always has been. If I had to choose between a sunny or rainy day it would definitely be a rainy day. As weird as it may seem, the rain makes me happy, it lights up my entire day. Some prefer sunny days, but I would prefer a cloudy and gloomy rainy day. For me that’s a sunny day. Don’t get me wrong, I like it when the sun is out, especially in the summer, but it’s nice to have rain fall every once in a while.

I think my love for rainy cold gloomy weather developed from my mom, because she too loves having rainy gloomy cold weather. She lived a part of her childhood in Chicago, so she loved the cold weather out there. I believe she’s carried that love of cold weather through me. 

Apr 19

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

I was 18 when my aunt took my sister and I to go see the Broadway musical Wicked. I had always heard about it, but never knew what exactly it was about. I remember walking into the Pantages Theater excited to experience my first Broadway show.

As the show started, I remember getting chills up and down my spine after hearing those first few notes of music. We sat a couple of rows behind the orchestra, so whenever the music played you could feel the intensity of the sounds. 

The show was amazing all the way through. It definitely made me look at the story of The Wizard of Oz differently. The Wizard of Oz is the story of young Dorothy defeating the Wicked Witch of the West, and Wicked is the untold story of how the witch earned her title as the wicked witch. The witch, whose birth name is Elphaba, was just like anybody else in Oz except for one minor detail…her skin was green.

The color of her skin was actually her defense mechanism, but in the end all she wanted was friendship and love. She also had a strong passion for fighting for Animal rights. Her passion for Animal rights and defiance against the malicious Wizard is what earned her the title of witch.

I have also recently started reading the book, but reading the book I noticed that there are different things happening in the book I did not see in the show. But it is not common to leave things out or alter the story when a Broadway show or movie is based on a novel. The book nonetheless was just as amazing as the show was.

Wicked has become one of my favorite stories, and I thank my aunt for introducing me to such a memorable story. Elphaba has now become my favorite character of The Wizard of Oz, and is the one that I root for.




Apr 13

xo_AshleyOrosco: Why is it when you're dieting, you crave everything? -


Easter came and now is gone, but what stuck with me was all of the food I ate! My family makes a huge brunch which consists of french toast strudel (fuhreakin’ amazing), hashbrowns, eggs, bacon and sausage, fruit salad, pancakes (and every topping you can think of), and mimosas. I went back for a…

I know how you feel! It’s always hard to be on a diet and crave the food you love the most. It’s especially hard not to be tempted to eat it when your friends and family eat it right in front of you!! But keep it up, because it will all be worth it in the end. :)

Apr 11

Losing your eyesight in a flash of an instant!

Imagine that you could see one day, and lose your sight all of a sudden the next. What would you do? How would feel? Well, my dogs both experienced this this past weekend. It all started Friday when I noticed that my dog Lukah was stumbling when he would walk. My sister noticed this as well, and brought him inside to see what could be wrong.

When he came inside he seemed to continue stumbling and would hit his head against the wall a couple of times. We would call his name, and he would either look the other way or look up. It was clear to us that he couldn’t which explained the stumbling. Plus his eyes were dilated, and abnormally big.

We immediately took him to the vet, and the vet could not figure out what was going on. She decided to keep him over night to run some tests on him, but only found that everything was normal.

The next morning my family woke up to find our other dog, Beanie, also lost his sight and was stumbling around as well. His eyes were also dilated. We took him with us to the vet, and the doctor was shocked to see that he has also been affected with the same condition.

The doctor decided to give them some medicine just to see if it will help them get better. We took them both home and searched the backyard to see if there was anything that could have caused their blindness. We couldn’t find anything, and we took measures to remove anything they could hurt themselves with as they roam around the yard. It was sad to see them both become frustrated with the fact that they could not see and not know where they were going.

It’s unbelievable that one dog went blind out of nowhere and that the other dog went blind the next day. It’s confusing and frustrating to not know what’s going on, and with my dogs. This weekend has just been a whirlwind of bad news, but my family and I continue to wait and see if the medicine will help them both regain their eyesight. 

Apr 06

The Pursuit of Happiness: This post is for my fellow iPhone (and now Android) users.. -

Instagram is pretty amazing!! I am an Android user as well, so you can imagine the excitement I had of finally being able use Instagram. Some of my friends have the iPhone, and I will admit that I was jealous that they all had Instagram. I wanted the opportunity to post pictures up as well. I did my research and found out that there was an Instagram app was coming soon. I didn’t know when, but when my friend told me Tuesday that it was finally out I rushed to download it right away. I signed up and have been ever since! 



This week I wanted to talk about my obsession with the iPhone and recently released for Android photo app Instagram! I got Instagram more than a year ago right when it had first been released. For those of you who don’t know what Instagram is, it’s an app for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad….