Field Assignment #1

For my field assignment, I decided to write mine on graduation. I wanted to get an insight on the thoughts and feelings of graduating students. I wanted to know how they felt about graduating and having to leave Cal poly behind. I wanted to hear about some of their fondest memories at Cal Poly.

Another insight I wanted to know was how students felt about going into the real world and looking for a “big kid” job. I could only imagine that it is an exciting but scary feeling. Exciting because they are going for their dream jobs, but scary because it is something new.

I asked seniors about what their dream job are, and they responded by saying that they their dream job would be doing something that they love. I felt that response was accurate, because I do believe that it is important for everyone to do something that they love and feel passionate about.

This assignment was fun for me, because it was something I was interested in and I had the opportunity to discuss with students about their thoughts on graduating and how they see the future going.

To be able to speak to students was a difficult task because of conflicting and busy schedules, but I was able to make time to speak to them and get my questions answered. All in all, the process was fun and I enjoyed speaking to students about their thoughts and feelings about graduating.

I enjoyed hearing the responses, they were all unique and different and insightful to know what students are thinking and feeling as graduation comes near. Graduation is near, and emotions are on high of excitement and nerves. But this is a natural feeling, because students are going to be stepping into the phase of their lives.


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